Some times simple thing is better and fun

SLR vs point and shoot camera
Professional sampler vs SnapBeat

 There are two types of product. One is a high-end professional product and the other is simple affordable product. For example of camera, a SLR (Single-Lens Reflex) camera is professional product and a point ‘n’ shoot camera is simple product.

 I think that not always professional product is better especially in terms of fun. Of course professional products have many functions and are high quality, and often simple products have limited function and inferior quality. But the limitation of the simple product forces or encourages us to compensate the weakness with our creativity. And thanks to the limitation, you aren’t be worried with many choices.

 SnapBeat is the point ‘n’ shoot camera of sampler or drum machine. It doesn’t have many functions such as filters. But simply it makes you fun! 


OpnBeat changed the name to SnapBeat


 OpnBeat, the simple and fun Lo-fi sampler changed its name to SnapBeat.

 When I started development the simple DIY sampler, I wanted to name it as OpenBeat because it was open-source project. But because someone had already used the brand name online, finally I named it as OpnBeat. But this was not good idea since it’s simply not able to read.

 Later, I understood that the convenience and handiness is the most strongest point of my product. So, I re-named it as SnapBeat. From Cambridge dictionary, the word Snap (noun) has meaning below.

something that can be done without any difficulty:

 Like this word’s definition, you can sample any sounds easily and quickly by using SnapBeat. And most importantly, It’s really fun!  


The first production for test marketing


 Yesterday, I visited our manufacturing partner to prepare the first production of SnapBeat’s board. We will produce 25 pcs of pre-soldered board for design verification and test marketing purpose. By now, I’ve made the board one by one by my hand, but from now I can make it a lot by the power of automation.

board on SMT mounter
SMT mounted board
board with hand insertion parts
testing board after assembly

 There are two purposes of this small volume production.

 The first is to verify final design of the board. Because I changed some components for optimize productivity and cost for mass-production, it’s necessary to confirm that the final design works as intended. 

 The second is for test marketing. I want to know whether SnapBeat is actually accepted in market or not. And I want to understand who actually is the customer of this product.

 After verifying quality of these 25 pcs boards, I start test marketing of SnapBeat online.

(*Note : OpnBeat changed the name to SnapBeat)