photo of SnapBeat, the simple Lo-fi sampler, gray, full assembled

Simple is fun.

SnapBeat is a simple Lo-fi sampler
not for professinal use but for fun!

The 1st lot were sold out.

Information about next lot will be announced if prepared in a blog

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Sample Easily

Connect SnapBeat with any music sources with 3.5mm analog stereo cable. You can sample sound just by pressing record key.


Truncate Easily

You can extract the only certain part of sampled sound such as single drum shot just by specifying start and end address.

Live Play

Play sampled sounds in real-time by using eight keys. Eight sounds can be played at the same time.

image of SnapBeat, the simple Lo-fi sampler, real time live play function

Rhythm And Track

  • Rhythm edit mode
    By playing rhythm along with the tempo of metronome, SnapBeat records it in real-time.
  • Track edit mode
    Compose track (entire song) by arranging those rhythms.
image of SnapBeat, the simple Lo-fi sampler, compose rhythm function

Connect Headphones And Speakers

Headphones and active speakers can be connected via headphone out and analog LINE OUT.


Fun To Customize

SnapBeat is open source hardware. Its cases can be made by 3D printer. Let’s make your original cases!

The keys are compatible with popular Cherry MX keyboard switches. You can replace the keycaps with various color variations.


No. It doesn’t have MIDI interface.

SnapBeat is using analog voice recorder chips for sampling sounds. Although it is Lofi sound in terms of frequency range, the sound is warm and live because of it’s analog recording.  

19.5 x 12.5 x 3 cm

SnapBeat has USB type C connector on the board for power supply. USB power supply and cable are not include in this product. You can use USB charger for smartphone to power it.

Two product types


Pre-soldered board


photo of SnapBeat, gray and bone white color variations, the simple Lo-fi sampler

Full assembled product