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Simple is fun.

The simplest Lo-fi sampler

Easy and fun music instrument.

Friendly and minimum user interfaces.

The simplicity stimulates your creativity.

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Easy sampling

Connect SnapBeat with any music sources with 3.5mm analog stereo cable. You can sample sound just by pressing record key.


Easy truncating

You can extract the only certain part of sampled sound such as single drum shot just by specifying start and end address.

image of SnapBeat, the simple Lo-fi sampler, real time live play function

Live play

Play sampled sounds in real-time by using eight keys. Eight sounds can be played at the same time.

SnapBeat HW1-1 with MIDI keyboard

Connect with MIDI instruments

SnapBeat has MIDI IN interface. By connecting other MIDI instruments such as MIDI keyboard or sequencer, you can play the sampled sounds in SnapBeat from those external MIDI devices.


No. It’s neither a complicated beat maker nor groove box. It doesn’t have built-in sequencer and rhythm edit function. You have to use other external MIDI instruments to play sequential pattern with the sampled sounds.

It supports only MIDI IN. By connecting it with external MIDI device via MIDI cable, you can play its sampled sounds from the external device. Please use 3.5mm TRS type MIDI cable.

SnapBeat is using analog voice recorder chips for sampling sounds. Although it is Lofi sound in terms of frequency range, the sound is warm and live because of it’s analog recording.  

19.5 x 12.5 x 3 cm, 330g

SnapBeat has USB type C connector on the board for power supply. USB power supply and cable are not include in this product. You can use USB charger for smartphone to power it.


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