No More Overwhelm: Beginner-Friendly Sampler Simplifies Beat Making for $189 All-Inclusive.

Designed for simplicity, this sampler is perfect for anyone wanting to make beats but finds modern samplers too complicated. Like a point-and-shoot camera compared to a DSLR, SnapBeat lets you sample music with just a few clicks, no complicated manual needed.

Three Essential Functions for Making Beats

SnapBeat comes with three primary functions.

  1. Direct Audio Sampling: Sample sounds and music through the LINE IN input.
  2. Sample Editing: Truncate your sampled sounds for perfect loops and clips.
  3. Playback: Play samples using built-in pads or through MIDI IN from external music gear.

Easy-to-use interface


The upper section features a dial, a display and three buttons for navigation. You can use these to sample, edit samples and manage settings.


By pressing the eight pads on the bottom half, you can play eight corresponding sample sounds.

Straightforward menus


Stop worrying about menu diving. SnapBeat has clear menus, no complex layers, no tricky shortcuts, and no need for a long manual.

Simple workflow to make beats

Check out the video to see how easy sampling music with SnapBeat is.



Truncating (Trimming) your samples with SnapBeat is really easy. Set where the sound begins and ends to clip a part of it. Hear the sound instantly as you edit.

Extra Features for making beats


3 pad responses

Each of the eight pads can be configured with three different response settings.



Use the MIDI IN port to link with an external MIDI device. This allows you to play rhythm patterns created with a MIDI sequencer using SnapBeat's sampled sounds, or play sounds sampled in SnapBeat using a MIDI keyboard.

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