SnapBeat, simple lofi hardware sampler

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A simple and easy sampler for anyone wanting to make beats but who finds modern samplers too complicated. Just like a point-and-shoot camera is simpler and easier to use compared to a DSLR camera, SnapBeat allows you to sample music effortlessly with just a few clicks.

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SnapBeat, simple lofi hardware sampler

Welcome to the SnapBeat product page! Discover how easy beatmaking can be with our simple lofi hardware sampler!

What Is a hardware sampler?

A sampler, known by various names like musical sampler or sound sampler, records parts of music or sound to play back using pads. It’s an electronic music instrument that doesn’t have its own sounds but can play a variety of instrument tones and phrases sampled from other instruments or music sources. Samplers are widely used in music production genres like lofi music and Hip Hop Music Production. There are two types of samplers: software samplers, which run on a computer, and hardware samplers, which are standalone physical devices. Software samplers are low-cost and easy to expand, but hardware samplers have the benefits of intuitive controls like physical buttons and knobs, and they work very reliably.

Commercial Hardware Samplers Too Complex? Worried You Can’t Master Them?

A image of a man having trouble using a complex hardware sampler image of hardware sampler with many knobs


If you’re looking to start making electronic music and researching samplers online, you might feel overwhelmed and worried by the products you find. Many modern samplers have too many features, with lots of buttons and knobs that can be confusing. And there’s a big gap between you, who is just starting music production now, and the users online who seem to master those complicated tools.

Fortunately, if you’re interested in electronic music production and hardware samplers but find that most musical samplers on the market are too complicated and overwhelming, SnapBeat must be the right choice for you.

No More Overwhelm: SnapBeat, The Simplest Hardware Sampler Ever

Designed for simplicity, this simple hardware sampler is perfect for anyone wanting to make beats but finds modern samplers too complicated. Like a point-and-shoot camera compared to a DSLR camera, SnapBeat lets you sample music and sound with just a few clicks, no complicated manual needed. It’s so simple and easy that you can learn to use it in one day, and you can quickly and intuitively sample and play back any sounds.

Bare Essential Functions as a Standalone Hardware Sampler

Because SnapBeat is dedicated to easy music sampling, it is centered around just three primary functions below:

  1. Direct Audio Sampling: Sample sounds and music through the LINE IN input.
  2. Sample Editing: Truncate your sampled sounds for perfect loops and clips.
  3. Playback: Play samples using built-in pads or through MIDI IN from external music gear.

SnapBeat-hardware sampler-features

That’s all. It’s pretty easy, isn’t it?

See How Easy Sampling is with SnapBeat in This YouTube Video

Easy-to-use interface​

image of interface of SnapBeat, simple hardware sampler


Next, take a look at this simple design. With just one dial and three buttons in the upper half area, you can perform all basic operations. There’s no need to memorize complex keyboard shortcuts. By tapping the eight pads located in the lower half, you can play back sampled music, songs, and sounds.

Straightforward menus

the image of menu display of SnapBeat simple hardware sampler


SnapBeat is designed with minimal features for ease of use. The menu is simple enough to be displayed on two lines, with no deep menu layers or complex navigation. This means you can quickly sample great sounds without your creativity being disrupted by annoying menu operations.

Easy connections

Connection diagram between SnapBeat hardware sampler and external devices

In addition, SnapBeat adopted very common interfaces such as 3.5mm stereo jack and RCA plug for connecting external input and output devices. So, you don’t have to buy special cables with such as 6.3mm phone jack or professional XLR jack.

Beyond Simple: Long-Lasting Music Production Gear with Great Features and Add-Ons

SnapBeat is simple and easy, but it also has many play modes and MIDI capabilities for advanced music production. By connecting with other electronic instruments and MIDI devices, you can create more professional music.

  • 3 pad responses (DRUM/GATE/TRIGGER)
    You can customize each of the eight pads (sounds) with three different pad responses and choose to turn the loop on or off for each one.
    SnapBeat hardware sampler, 3 different pad response
    You can connect other MIDI music devices to SnapBeat through the MIDI IN port and play its sample sounds. For example, use an external MIDI sequencer to play rhythm patterns with SnapBeat’s samples or use a MIDI keyboard to play its sounds.SnapBeat hardware sampler with MIDI keyboard


Jump into Sampling and Lofi Music Production!

You can start playing SnapBeat just after unboxing it with everyday devices around you. First, connect ear phones for output and PC or smartphone for input. Then, play music on Spotify and use it as a sound source. You don’t have to buy expensive vinyl record player for the sound source at first. Enjoy your beat making journey!

Additional information

Weight 330 g
Dimensions 195 × 130 × 37 mm

7 reviews for SnapBeat, simple lofi hardware sampler

  1. BK

    Great, simple, retro-inspired sampler. Even better support, from a developer who really cares about his customers.

  2. Kurt Fraussen

    Nice, smooth and handy sampler
    A++ simple and handy sampler. Works flawless and fast. The buttons feel good and clicky and are nicely lit (green leds). Play, record, truncate (change begin/ending) is easy thanks to the simple menu. Switching between playing ,recording and truncating is piece of cake. It´s possible to let 1 sample play and repeat, as if it were a beat or song and then use the other samples to play along with this first sample. This way it feels polyfonic (though it has only 1 voice polyfony). The lo-fi character did not bother me at all. I liked the quality of the sound. It sounded naturally because of the analog way of sampling. I´m happy I purchased this.

  3. Bob

    Great Lo-Fi sampler that is simple to use, or you need is a source and of you go. I have both iterations of the snap beat and am very pleased with them. And of course the customer service is great as well. Look forward to see what comes next.

  4. Will D

    My SnapBeat is a delightful little sampler that packs a serious punch despite its small size. It’s an excellent choice for musicians like me looking to make beats without breaking the bank!

  5. Daniel P

    I want to provide an honest review of the SnapBeat for potential customers.

    Why did I buy it?
    I’m a maker, but nowhere remotely close to Hiro’s league. But I hack and solder audio things. I already make beats from unlabelled flea market cassettes and contact sampling random objects. My point here is that I love weird, raw and gritty.

    Who is this machine for?
    This is for people who support independent makers. It’s original. It has a fairly simple workflow and might make you think of what you want to achieve from a slightly different angle. You might find odd timing coincidences that actually knock! Also, it’s not made by team of developers with hundreds of factory staff, it’s bespoke and perhaps not industrial strength, so needs to be treated with some respect. I actually like the raw needle drop sound, so I always turn off pad velocity. So it’s easy for me to be gentle. I think of it like a little tiny (easy to change) Mellotron.

    Who is this not for?
    If you want ultra precise chopping, tempo sync, pad velocity, aftertouch, gorilla-proof pads, 32-bit float… there’s a ton of highly engineered options, and some are very, very affordable.

    Notable things to mention:
    It’s valuable to be able to adjust your line levels etc, it’s on the quiet side. One of my keys is loose, which I believe is a recognised complaint, it honestly doesn’t bother me and I don’t want to glue it, though that would be a 10 second job. You can’t trigger more than one sample simultaneously, this is just part and parcel of the design and workflow.

    I honestly love my Snapbeat and have zero regrets about buying it. I have other gear that’s more accurate, offers more functionality and is built to withstand punishment, yet it also has less personality.


    The SnapBeat was easy to start using as it doesn’t overcomplicate sampling. The result is great for making beats or triggering uploaded samples. Excited to keep creating with it!

  7. Alec

    I wanted something simple to add drum loops and samples to my synth creations and Hiro answered! The SnapBeat is fun out of the box with its uploaded sounds and only gets better as you easily record samples to a pad. Drum, noise, and gate plus a truncate feature allow you to precisely place your sounds. The interface is easy to use and feels good to play with!

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