About me

Hiro Akihabara is a developer of SnapBeat. I’m an electrical engineer who loves designing product and hip-hop music. 
Currently I’m living in Vietnam and developing original hardware product at an apartment room.

3D printers for making SnapBeat

Why I started to make original sampler?

I love hip-hop music. One day, I became interested in music production instruments such as sampler and drum machine to create my own beat. But samplers in the market looks so complicated and made me overwhelmed. Because I was an electrical engineer, I decided to make simple sampler by myself.

Finally, I found that making original music instruments was my dream job.

Development Archive

Manufacturing Partner

PCB (Printed Circuit Board) and components are imported from China. They are assembled to be PCBA (PCB assembly, so called pre-soldered board) in Vietnam with trustful partner. The every assembled PCBA will be checked in Vietnam and shipped to customers worldwide.

SMT chip mounter at manufacturing partner
test JIG for PCBA made by 3D printer

I help you develop your own product

As a freelance prototype engineer, I will support your project from idea to final product.
I can do tasks below.

  • design schematic and PCB (Printed Circuit Board)
  • programming Arduino
  • assemble and check PCBA (Printed Circuit Board Assembly)
  • design cases by Blender 3D and make them by 3D printers
  • publish 3D rendering image of the product

If you have an idea but don’t know how to make product, please contact to me.