Free giveaway campaign / MIDI – TRS adaptor

MIDI - TRS adaptor, free giveaway, SnapBeat

From today, customers who purchase SnapBeat on Tindie can get the MIDI-TRS adapter as free giveaway.

This adapter converts normal DIN 5pin type MIDI jack into TRS 3.5mm stereo jack so that you can use conventional MIDI cable to connect SnapBeat with your MIDI devices.

MIDI - TRS adaptor, how to connect, SnapBeat
Connection between external MIDI device and SnapBeat using the MIDI – TRS adaptor

The jumper pins J1 and J4 are for changing polarity or connection between MIDI DIN 5 pin jack and TRS jack.

For SnapBeat, please use it with both jumpers are set as A side.

J1 and J4 shorted A side : Tip – 5 pin, Ring – 4 pin (for SnapBeat)
J1 and J4 shorted B side : Tip – 4 pin, Ring – 5 pin