How to replace main board of SnapBeat

I’m sorry for the inconvenience because of the product hardware problem.

Here is the information for disassembly SnapBeat and replace its main board at your place.

If you have any question on disassembly and assembly, please ask me anything before proceeding the process. 


Snap Beat and wrench for disassembly

Please prepare 2.5mm hex wrench.

unscrewing the screw on the bottom case

Unscrew the screws of four rubber feet.

unscrewed and removed screws and rubber feet

Remove rubber feet and screws.

removing the top case

Remove the top case.

removed top case

Remove the top front case.

removing back panel

Lift the main board and remove the back panel.

bottom case without main board

There is only bottom case.

Please prepare new main board.

assembling new main board

Attach the back panel on the top of new main board and place the main board on the bottom case. You can align and position the main board with the guide shape at the four corners of bottom case.

main board corner1
main board corner2
main board corner3
main board corner4
assembled top case

Put the top case.

assembled top front case

Put the top case front.

top case and top front case side view

Please confirm that the top case is located underneath of the top front case.

assemble and screw the rubber feet again

Screw the four screws and rubber feet and assemble the top case and bottom cases.

Please be noted that there are two length of the screws. The longer ones are the top two corners and the shorter ones are the bottom two corners.

SnapBeat rubber feet and screws

Please don’t tighten the screws too much. Screw it until the top of the screw is about 1mm under the top of rubber foot or until your hand rotating the wrench feels tight force.