New Product / USB MIDI OUT (TRS) Interface

USB MIDI (TRS) interface

New product has been added on my Tindie store. It’s a tiny USB-MIDI (OUT) interface. It’s convenient when you connect your MIDI device such as sampler or synthesizer to PC, and play their sounds triggering with your software on your PC. Of course it’s useful when you connect SnapBeat the simple lo-fi sampler to PC.

Connection between USB-MIDI(TRS) interface and PC

There is USB type C connector on the one side of the product, and MIDI OUT (TRS, 3.5mm stereo) jack on the other side of the product. It has blue LED indicator which brinks when MIDI signal is sent from USB port of PC. Connect the USB connector to your PC’s USB port and connect the MIDI (TRS) jack to your MIDI device with normal 3.5mm stereo cable for audio.

The module is very tiny so that it doesn’t take much space of your desk. It is compatible with Windows standard drivers, so you don’t have to struggle to install drivers by yourself. At the first time you connect it to your PC, it will be installed to the PC automatically.

USB MIDI (TRS) interface with SnapBeat, for making lofi samples
SnapBeat sampler and the USB-MIDI (TRS) interface