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SnapBeat, basic musical sampler


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SnapBeat, basic musical sampler

What is musical sampler

A musical sampler is an electronic musical instrument that records any sounds or portions of music,
then plays back them by triggering with pads or keys.
Besides it doesn’t have its original sound, by sampling sounds of other musical instruments, it can play various sounds of existing musical instruments.
Also, it’s often used for production of hip hop music.

The easiest musical sampler ever.

SnapBeat is a basic musical sampler. It’s so simple and easy that you can learn to use it in 1 day.
And you can sample and play back any sounds quickly and intuitively.

By the way, if you think that the most of musical samplers in market are too complicated that you feel overwhelmed,
this is for you.

First of all, there is no thick users manual and a whole lot of knobs and controls.
After all, the basic and only function of SnapBeat is

  1. sample sounds via LINE IN input
  2. truncate sounds by setting START and END points
  3. plays back the sounds by hitting pads (the sounds are also triggered with external MIDI device by using MIDI IN)

That’s all. It’s pretty easy, isn’t it?

In addition, SnapBeat adopted very common interfaces such as 3.5mm stereo jack and RCA plug for connecting external input and output devices.
So, you don’t have to buy special cables with such as 6.3mm phone jack or professional XLR jack.

Finally, you can start playing it just after unboxing with everyday devices around you.
First, connect ear phones for output and PC or smartphone for input.
Then, play music on Spotify and use it as a sound source.
You don’t have to buy expensive vinyl record player for the sound source at first.

Furthermore, the sampled sounds have very lo-fi character thanks to the analog voice recoder chips for recording sounds.

Please watch how easy is the sampling sound with SnapBeat (video)


  • sample sounds and truncate sounds
  • real time play (similar to finger drums)
  • MIDI IN (playing its sampled sounds from external MIDI device)
  • back light for pads (ON/OFF)



  • main chip : Nuvoton ISD1720SY (voice recorder IC) x 8
  • number of voices : 8 (polyphony)
  • sampling frequency : about 20kHz (high quality sampling) / about 12kHz (low quality sampling)
  • maximum sample length per channel : about 6 sec. (high quality sampling) / about 12 sec. (low quality sampling)
  • pad responses : DRUM / GATE / TRIGGER (for MIDI IN, only DRUM response can be applicable.)
  • Loop play (only in GATE and TRIGGER responses)
  • MIDI channel and note numbers are assignable from setting menu

SnapBeat musical sampler, image of pad responses


Connection diagram between SnapBeat musical sampler and external devices.



What you need to prepare in addition to this product

  • USB type C charger and cable (for powering)
  • 3.5mm stereo cable (for connecting with external sound sources such as PC or music player)
  • headphones (for monitoring sounds)
  • RCA stereo cable (for connecting with external powered speakers or other music instruments)
  • MIDI cable (TRS type)

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image of connection between SnapBeat musical sampler and external midi device

This adapter converts normal DIN 5pin type MIDI jack into TRS 3.5mm stereo jack so that you can use conventional MIDI cable to connect SnapBeat with your MIDI devices.

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