How to assemble 3D cases of SnapBeat

Assembly instruction of 3D cases for SnapBeat.

Here is procedure of assembly 3D cases for SnapBeat.

Pre-soldered board of SnapBeat, the simple Lo-fi sampler

The LCD is attached onto PCB with 3D printed LCD holders.

photo from back of SnapBeat, the simple Lo-fi sampler

Place the back panel.

photo of SnapBeat PCB and bottom case
photo of SnapBeat PCB in the bottom case

Put pre-soldered board into the bottom case.

The bottom and top cases have enough strength with rib structure.

photo of SnapBeat PCB, bottom and top cases

Put the top case.

photo of screwing SnapBeat bottom case

Fix the bottom and top cases with screws at two corners.

photo of SnapBeat, top case front

Place the top front case.

Fix the bottom and top front cases with screws at two corners.

Put rubber feet at the four corners.

Assembly is completed.

photo of SnapBeat, gray and bone white color variations, the simple Lo-fi sampler

Now, SnapBeat has two color variations (left : gray, right : bone white)
On 7/29 today, only pre-soldered board is available on Tindie, but I’m going to list these two colors finished product with cases.

I sell on Tindie

SnapBeat, finished product with cases will be available on Tindie soon.

photo of 3D printed cases of SnapBeat, the Lo-fi simple sampler

Currently, only PCBA (pre-soldered board) of SnapBeat  is listed and available on Tindie. But now I’ve completed adjustment and tuning of my 3D printer so that I can produce 3D printed case with quality. I’m going to list the finished product with 3D printed cases on Tindie. Firstly, the two colors, gray and bone white are available.

Now, the product on Tindie is available from various countries although shipping method is limited to e-packet (tracking available, delivered within 12 to 20 days).

I sell on Tindie

SnapBeat Pre-soldered PCBA becomes available on Tindie


Today, SnapBeat’s pre-soldered PCBA is listed and becomes available on Tindie, the DIY electronics hardware market place.  Now It’s offered with promoted price for early adopters because it’s software would have some bugs and need further improvement. 

I’m sorry for that currently only pre-soldered PCBA is available and product with cases are not listed.  The 3D printed cases take time and I can produce them only 1 set a day. I’m thinking to outsource manufacturing of cases with another material such as sheet metal to improve productivity.

Also I’m sorry for that now product is only shipped to US. This is because of lack of my knowledge about international shipping. I will survey delivery methods for other countries and add the shipping options as soon as possible.  

3D printed case of SnapBeat, the simple Lo-fi sampler
3D printed cases
Full assembled product