SnapBeat, finished product with cases will be available on Tindie soon.

photo of 3D printed cases of SnapBeat, the Lo-fi simple sampler

Currently, only PCBA (pre-soldered board) of SnapBeat  is listed and available on Tindie. But now I’ve completed adjustment and tuning of my 3D printer so that I can produce 3D printed case with quality. I’m going to list the finished product with 3D printed cases on Tindie. Firstly, the two colors, gray and bone white are available.

Now, the product on Tindie is available from various countries although shipping method is limited to e-packet (tracking available, delivered within 12 to 20 days).

I sell on Tindie


2 responses to “SnapBeat, finished product with cases will be available on Tindie soon.”

  1. Lorenzo Fourmet Avatar
    Lorenzo Fourmet

    Really excited about this, I’m not very techy, and really need to get some pre production done, before going to the big studio.

    1. Hiro Akihabara Avatar
      Hiro Akihabara

      Hi Lorenzo,
      thanks for your comment.
      So, currently how are you completing the pre production job? What kind of instruments are you using?
      And, could you let me know what point of Snapbeat attracted you most?