Create Authentic Lofi Samples Easily with a Simple Sampler!

USB MIDI (TRS) interface with SnapBeat, for making lofi samples

Are you interested in creating lofi samples for your lofi music or lofi beats? If you’re looking for a hardware sampler for lofi song creation, SnapBeat is perfect for you. Have you already researched commercial music samplers online? If you’ve seen the latest samplers and felt overwhelmed by their high functionality and complexity, this simple and easy-to-use sampler will surely become a great companion in your lofi music journey.

Simplicity: Relax and Immerse Yourself in making lofi samples

image of a lofi girl making lofi samples at her room

Sometimes, simple tools that are easy to use can be better than fancy professional gear. When you’re out casually taking photos around town, a point-and-shoot camera might be more enjoyable than a big, complicated DSLR. SnapBeat is like a basic point-and-shoot camera for music samplers. When you’re relaxing and making music as a hobby, using really fancy equipment can make things too complicated and turn your chill time into work. With SnapBeat, you just get the essential sampler functions, so you can easily sample your favorite sounds and dive into making music without any hassle.

image of features of beat sampler

As a sampler for Lofi songs, SnapBeat provides just three essential basic features.

  1. Direct Audio Sampling: Sample sounds and music through the LINE IN input.
  2. Sample Editing: Truncate your sampled sounds for perfect loops and clips.
  3. Playback: Play samples using built-in pads or through MIDI IN from external music gear.
image of interface of SnapBeat, simple song sampler

SnapBeat’s simple interface makes it easy to sample quickly without the hassle of dealing with thick manuals or navigating through complex menus.

Genuine Lofi Samples Powered by Voice Recorder Chip

image of semiconductor chip for making lofi samples

SnapBeat uses Nuvoton’s ISD1700 series analog Voice Recorder chip for sampling music and vocals. The ISD1700 chip, originally designed for voice recorders and toys, operates at a sampling frequency of approximately 12 to 20kHz, which is very Lofi by nature. 

Sample rate means how many times an audio signal is recorded in one second. For a CD, the sample rate is 44.1 kHz, which means the signal is recorded 44,100 times per second. In the diagram, you can see that when the sample rate is lower, the recorded sound is less like the original sound wave. It’s clear that lower sample rates make the sound less accurate.

image of comparison of low and high sample rate for lofi samples

On the other hand, the ISD1700 chip uses Nuvoton’s patented multilevel storage technology to store the audio signal directly as analog values in the internal memory, without digitizing it, preserving a rich musical quality even in Lofi sound sampled through SnapBeat.

In today’s latest samplers, many can reprocess sampled sounds with processors to create a lofi sound quality. However, SnapBeat doesn’t rely on artificial or processed effects for its sound. Instead, SnapBeat is a true lofi sampler.

Begin your journey into Lofi hip hop and Lofi beats production with SnapBeat! Learn more about the product here.