The 1st lot was sold out

SnapBeat ship out, the simple Lo-fi sampler

The first lot 20 pcs of SnapBeat was sold out on Tindie. Thank you very much for people who gave me warm support. Also I’m sorry for the inconvenience of being unavailable on Tindie for a while for who want to buy it.

After the first sales, I got many comments and requests about MIDI interface for connecting SnapBeat to external audio devices. Since I was just an electrical engineer and newbie of electro music, I thought MIDI was something complicated technology. But after I searched it on internet, I realized that it was very simple technology using serial communication protocol which was very popular among MCUs such as Arduino which is used also in SnapBeat. I think it’s not so difficult to add MIDI input capability for SnapBeat without much cost. 

Before the next production of SnapBeat, I should stop for a while and study about MIDI. I’m going to try to modify design and add MIDI input capability. Since currently I do everything from design, manufacturing, marketing and shipping by myself, I can’t produce the second lot sets and improve design at the same time. 

I will share progress about MIDI implementation on this blog.


6 responses to “The 1st lot was sold out”

  1. DESIR Avatar


    i like your unit let me know when you have your next lot ready to sale.

    thank you very much

    1. Hiro Akihabara Avatar
      Hiro Akihabara

      Hi, thank you very much for your comment. Now I’m spending time to confirm whether it’s possible to add MIDI input or not. I think the next lot will be available before November. I’m sorry for the inconvenience.

      1. Christopher Winchester Avatar

        Hello. Any update? Saw you quoted November and I am beyond excited for its release. Otherwise I’ll blow my $ on the new Teenage Engineering sampler :p Please advise. Thanks!

        1. Hiro Akihabara Avatar
          Hiro Akihabara

          Hi, thanks for your comment.
          The new version will be available on January 2024.
          The new version will have MIDI IN capability and backlight for sound pads,
          but not have built-in sequencer program due to the lack of program memory space.
          The price will be $200 for full-assembled product.

          Please watch this video on Youtube.

  2. Heyes Avatar

    I just can’t wait for the v2 with MIDI in sync.
    Instant buy.
    Been waiting for this product all my beatmaker’s life.
    Make v3 the one version with an SD card reader and I might just buy the whole v3 lot!

    1. Hiro Akihabara Avatar
      Hiro Akihabara

      Hi, thanks for your comment!
      The new version hardware and its MIDI IN circuit works fine.
      I’m preparing for the manufacturing around December.
      One thing I’m worrying about is that the next version maybe can’t have sequencer due to rack of program memory space
      of Arduino micro controller instead of adding MIDI IN function.
      I think if SnapBeat has MIDI IN and can be controlled by external instruments,
      it’s better to use the external device’s sequencer because the sequencer program in SnapBeat is simple and not so excellent.
      How do you think?