Keyboard Sampler: Turn MIDI Keyboard into Sampler

keyboard sampler setup with SnapBeat MIDI sampler and MIDI keyboard

Want to play various sample sounds using your MIDI keyboard or synthesizer like Korg Microsampler? With SnapBeat, a simple sampler with MIDI, you can easily turn your MIDI keyboard and synthesizer into a versatile keyboard sampler.

What is a Keyboad Sampler?

A keyboard sampler is a popular device from the 1980s that allows you to record any sound onto each key of the keyboard and play it using those keys. Later, it was replaced by synthesizers with built-in instrument samples and computer-based music production (DTM), causing it to fade away.

Simple, Compact Sampler for Your MIDI Keyboard

SnapBeat is a straightforward standalone sampler that allows you to sample up to 8 sounds or phrases. You can trim the sampled sounds to play any part you like. The device lets you play the sampled sounds by hitting the 8 pads on the device or by receiving MIDI notes through the MIDI IN input.

image of snapbeat sampler connected with PC by cable

Stand Alone Sampling

Sample sounds and music through the LINE IN input.

image of truncating sampled sound

Sample Editing

Set start and end points to truncate your sampled sounds for perfect loops and clips.

Learn more about SnapBeat’s features and specifications here.

Create a Keyboard Sampler with SnapBeat and Your MIDI Keyboard in Easy Steps

Using MIDI to connect SnapBeat with your MIDI keyboard or synthesizer lets you play SnapBeat’s samples with their keys. This gives your keyboard or synthesizer the ability to perform any sound.

keyboard sampler setup with SnapBeat MIDI sampler and MIDI keyboard
SnapBeat and YAMAHA PSS-51 keyboard

Use a MIDI cable to link the MIDI OUT port of your keyboard or synthesizer with SnapBeat’s MIDI IN port. Remember that SnapBeat’s MIDI IN port uses a TRS-type connection, so you’ll need a MIDI cable with a TRS jack (φ3.5mm) on one end. There are different wiring variations of MIDI-TRS cables, but for SnapBeat, please use the one specified by the MIDI Manufacturers Association. Click here for information on MIDI-TRS cables.


When connected with the MIDI cable, access SnapBeat’s settings menu to configure the MIDI channel and assign MIDI note numbers to the 8 pads (each linked to a sample sound). Ensure the MIDI channel on your keyboard or synthesizer matches SnapBeat’s MIDI channel. Set the MIDI note numbers on SnapBeat to correspond to the keys on your keyboard or synthesizer where you want to trigger the samples.

Congratulations! You can now play SnapBeat’s sampled sounds using your keyboard or synthesizer keys!

Click here for detailed information on SnapBeat, the simplest and easiest-to-use MIDI sampler.